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Colthard at the coal face

I was in contact with some of the sports boys on the Rust.

Not that way !!!

One said that often a fan can give you a more insightful view than a reporter. That remark resonated with me in my field of restaurant reviews.

The celebrity chef has dominated restaurants but you rarely hear from an owner, General Manager or waiter.

Last week I arrived early at my beloved English’s.

I asked the general manager on duty how things were going.

They had a record-breaking summer which did not surprise me as they have a loyal clientele whom they look after with a warm welcome and often glass a  complimentary champers not bombard them with email offers.

They also have a big terrace ideal for outdoor dining.

The food is as good as the service and the prices sensible.

We discussed a London equivalent.

I said places like Wiltons are much stuffier and suggested Sheekeys.

It was a most interesting and productive conversation of not more than 10 minutes.

In the previous week I had a meal at a pub owned by some friends of mine.

One told me the problem with the furlough scheme for many in the hospitality sector is they rely on tips which cannot be quantified and therefore they do not receive this.

They look after their staff well.

My conclusion is that those that run restaurants properly like English’s will survive these harsh times and maximise the better ones that will surely come when those fed up with the lockdown will really want to enjoy themselves and go out once again.

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