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Covid injection appraised

I support the consensus view that the rollout vaccination programme has been extremely well organised – the cynic might say the government’s sole success to date.

My letter of eligibility arrived a week ago, I made the appointment at the local racecourse for early morning last Thursday.

I was asked at the vaccination centre three times whether I had Covid but the whole process was quick and efficient.

I took the trouble to read the pamphlet accompanying the eligibility letter and this said any reaction was unlikely except for a sore arm.

This was confirmed by the nurse who gave the injection.

Afterwards I felt fine.

However yesterday at around 8-30 I suddenly experienced such a fatigue that I fell asleep on my reading chair.

The whole day I would describe my state as “out of sorts”, feeling mild symptoms of flu – headache and lethargy.  Indeed in the afternoon I slept for more than 2 hours.

This echoes symptoms that many I know experienced and I feel should have been stated in the pamphlet and by the nurse.

Nonetheless the feeling of reassurance that I’m 66% protected against catching or transmitting Covid is profound.

Boris Johnson has indeed done well in a week when the mutant virus was still causing new cases.

My critique is more the insouciant way the failure of track and trace app was handled. This cost £22b – an enormous cost for failure.

We were also told that the rationale for Lockdown 3 was to protect the NHS but the pressure on them is now far less.

It’s interesting to compare the vaccination programme to abroad.  Israel leads the league table but it’s a smaller country and used to mobilisation.

A French friend of mine complained that her aunt, over 80, cannot get vaccinated.  A German friend informed me that vaccination in the office is quite common in her country.

She anticipated having her vaccination in a month whilst BMW have administered theirs to their personnel. If this happened here the accusation of “ jumping the queue” would embarrass a Prime Minister over sensitive to such or any criticism.

He makes his big road-map announcement on Monday but most of the detail was in the press all last week.

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