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David Hockney’s Eye/Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge.

The weekend took me up to Cambridge for the opening of my college library.

I used the opportunity to visit the Fitzwilliam Museum which I did not know as much as I should.

There I saw one of the best curated exhibitions I have ever visited.

The theme was to set David Hockney’s works alongside the jewels of their collection: the works of Hobbema, Canaletto, Hogarth and Peter Bruegel the Younger.

Hockney himself – and the curated notes – provided valuable insights.

You can only admire Hockney.

As an art student at Hornsey, where drawing lessons were not compulsory, he attended them and in his own time in the National Gallery studied (amongst others) Paolo Uccello’s Battle of San Romano.

Aged 83, and in the heart of the pandemic, he upped sticks to Normandy to paint in a new format on his iPad.

His books, co-written with Marin Gayford, display his deep knowledge of films and art.

I hate the term “national treasure” but he is one.

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