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Deutschland 89

It was good to have the third series of Deutschland back on our screens.

We are now in 1989 with the Wall about to fall in East Germany where the action is set. There is a new travel law lifting restrictions on foreign travel.

Martin Rauch (Jonas Nay) is tasked by the Security Service (HVA) to do one last courier task of delivering the draft legislation to Moscow.

The programme mixes newsreel with set pieces with accurate attention to detail of clothes and furnishings to create authenticity. The threat over Rauch is his son Max who is threatened with removal to Moscow.

Above all the fear of being watched by a pervasive security service permeates everywhere as we see the infiltration of a subversive group and the poisoning of its leader.

The amorous interest in this tense drama is provided by Max’s teacher who falls for Rauch in a bar when he is more interested in the unfurling events as the East German politburo loses its grip and many flee to West Germany.

As ever I wondered why British television does not do more drama based on current history.

Our country may not have been divided – although it’s going that way – but we have had the death of Princess Diana, the continuing tensions within the Royals, Mrs Thatcher and Tony Blair.

The Jeremy Thorpe scandal made for one of the most compelling programmes I have seen but sadly it’s costume drama and police detection that seems the more popular.

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