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Here are my random thoughts on the Euros to date:

Apart from Holland v Ukraine and last night’s match between Germany and Portugal I have found few games engaging.

Some – like Spain 0 Sweden 0 – were a total bore.

I have also been less than impressed by the coverage.

I would have thought that BBC and ITV would have responded to the challenge of being the broadcaster – rather than SKY or BT SPORT – but no.

So far the only innovation has been Gary Lineker’s choice of specs. It’s the same old, same old.

I wish someone senior in the sports department of either channel insist on these:-

1) it’s not ‘them’ players but those players;

2) the g as in winning is to be pronounced;

3) Tyldesitis – the disease of talking about yourself and endless verbiage -is eradicated;

4)  panellist partisanship must go;

My personal favourite analyst is Rob Green who is calm , sensible and provides the goalkeeping viewpoint.

Neither broadcaster has come to terms withe feed coming from UEFA not their own cameras.

At one point the feed went down.

The BBC reaction was not to apologise, but three times to say it was not their fault.

For the England v Scotland encounter the partisanship of the Scottish analysts knew no bounds.

It was not just we when referring to Scotland but Graeme Souness could not resist saying that England are coming home unsuccessfully.

I found myself shouting at the TV that at least we got there and England’s preparation did not mirror that of that idiot Ally Macleod in 1978, whose build up for Scotland’s attempt included Jimmy Johnstone being found drunk on the bay of Largs in a boat with only one oar.

Or the other winger Willie Johnston going home before the postcards after a drugs scandal.

The fact is Scotland may have played out of their skin but England just now need a point to qualify.

Students  of competitions know that that teams that do best in the qualifying groups rarely win the trophy.

When Italy won in 1982 they drew their first 3 games. The Italian press roasted them but they came good to win the World Cup.

In their best World Cup campaign since 1966, in 1992 England under Bobby Robson – vilified by the tabloids – did not get going until victories over Belgium and Cameroons after the group stage.

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