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Euros: thoughts to date

One of the joys of writing for the Rust and reaching the age we have is that you can speak your mind free of fear of castigation on social media and the PC brigade.

Frankly – to use a non-PC phrase – I do not give a monkey’s.

First up, the Christian Eriksen incident.

Guiseppe Wilson

There is no better place to have a heart attack than in a football stadium. There will be an ambulance and loads of medical staff. It would have been much worse at 4.30am in his hotel or in the training camp.

Stefano Ursolini contacted me to mention the number of heart attacks in serie a – several at his club Fiorentina, and to the delightfully-named and exceptional defender Giuseppe Wilson of Lazio, who had a cardiac arrest on the pitch.

Erikson plays for Inter.

Next up the coverage.

I sometimes wondered if I was watching the same game of England v Croatia as the media.

At best I thought England got the job done.

Phil Foden and Mason Mount might be the new Stevie Gerrard and Frank Lampard – both highly competent but ineffective together.

Harry Kane was not at the races.

I would have expected Alan Shearer, as one of England’s greatest centre forwards, to comment on that and tactically whether Kane should hold his position or search for the ball but instead Shearer twice referred to Terry Venables choosing him in the 1996 Euros when he was short on international form.

Add to this Raheem Stirling did not look like scoring until he did and Tyrone Mings is an accident waiting to happen.

As for Scotland, some things never change and Scottish goalkeeping and lack of goal-scoring do not.

David Marshall was miles off his line for the incredible Czech Republic lob of Patrick Schick.

Today the final round closes with the group of death.

I cannot recall a Germany v France Euro encounter though I do the World Cup game when Harald Schumacher klobbered Patrick Battiston.


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