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Even the best laid plans…

Yesterday an old uni friend and his son, my Godson, came down to the coast for a long planned day/night trip.

With temperatures in the mid-twenties many others had the same idea on the day – of enjoying what might be the last of the summer – and there was a flow of humanity off the trains.

We walked to the Burnt Orange restaurant which has already established itself in the gastronomic locale.

The plan was then to have a sundowner in the Yacht Club to watch the sunset.

After a couple of hours my friend remarked that there were lightning flashes at sea.

These were followed by a storm of biblical proportions.

This was no normal rainfall but stair-rods forcing us to remain indoors in the Yacht Club.

When it finally abated the planned barbecue chez Tickler had to be aborted so we went to the local Italian.

It was one of those nights  that seem annoying at the time  but you look back on nostalgically.

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