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Generational differences

Yesterday my p/a Polly and a friend hers drove down for a couple of hours to check I was okay.

I soon perceived a very different attitude to the crisis. She and her friend were less interested in the consequences of self-isolation than concerned of catching Coronavirus.

I totally respect and carry out all the health and hygiene measures and precautions but my viewpoint is life goes on. I certainly did not see any of the flippancy in them that Tobias Elwood castigated.

Another stoic old friend and her son made it down here, as arranged sometime ago, and I put them up in a hotel.

I know we are in exceptional times but on arrival at 3.00 pm they were asked to give a detailed breakfast order for today including choice of cereal to be served in their room. This delayed the whole registration process and another couple of guests had to wait. It was the sort of greeting  that would get our Daffers going.

Rest assured I will not be using the hotel again.

One positive consequence is the return of telephoning on landlines.

I now participate in a daily virtual cocktail hour at 6.00 pm.

Gin and tonic at the ready I call an old friend, try to avoid talking about Coronavirus as we get more gloomy news than we need in the media, so other issues are considered examined and debated.

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