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Goodwood Revival

Yesterday I was invited to Goodwood Revival. Speaking to one Ruster staffer who lives locally to Goodwood and a friend who resides in Petworth who had both attended the event, they stressed how everyone there and the organisers really entered into the spirit by dressing up and attention to period detail by the event hosts .

I have to say that I felt a prat in an extravagantly coloured blazer, waistcoat and fedora especially on the train there but any self-consciousness I felt was blown away to see my host in the station car park dressed in white overalls and goggles with pilot cap.

Many at the event were in uniform and others in overalls.

What is so wonderfully British is the way men and women who probably hold senior jobs in the City were quite unconcerned to be in extraordinary apparel.

After my recent French trip, I thought that whilst that the French would probably have a better restaurant il/elle is too up himself to dress like that.

There is much to see: you can watch the classic cars on practice runs, including Chris Evans, and driver Rupert Keegan I saw last in the South of France in 1974; the old aircraft in the aerodrome: the shops in the tented village: bands playing, film with a motor car bias.

It’s a heady cocktail to savour and the only real drawback is the noise of the cars.

Since the referendum I have felt down by and in Britain but this was joyous expression of our car industry, national character in a quintessentially British way.

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