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‘Granite’ Grant Logan joins the Rust


Despite the Rust’s extraordinary commercial success – itself a welcome testimony to the fact that those beyond the first flush of youth can still be relevant, place new ideas on the table and indeed provide insights sprung from wisdom gained down the years that those in positions of power and influence would do well to heed – we take both comfort and pride in the fact that our contributors remain true to our straightforward and low-key attitude towards our mission in their observations upon what is happening upon Planet Earth.

In keeping with our long-term policy of keeping clear of ‘reporting’ and other aspects of what might be described as regular journalism and instead providing reflective comment, analysis and behind-the-scenes angles upon important developments in world sport, today we are delighted to announce the signing of former All Black great Grant Logan as a special correspondent for the duration of the Rugby World Cup which begins this weekend in Japan.

For several weeks now – since our publisher Richard Bolton and editor Miles Piper first advised that contact had been made and talks with intermediaries begun – those of us the sports department have been holding our breath with a combination of hope and healthy humorous scepticism that this bold initiative would come to pass.

“Granite” Logan will need no introduction to Rusters of a sporting bent, particularly those interested in rugby, with his long and distinguished career as a player, coach and administrator and, of course, his many-faceted business success.

Beginning this week, he will provide his own unique on-the-spot perspective upon the Rugby World Cup as it unfolds which will complement the work of our other columnists covering the 2019 tournament.

It only remains for me, on behalf of the team, to welcome Grant to the Rust stable. Based upon the extent and nature of our conversations thus far, I’m certain that our readers will find themselves fascinated and entertained by his views upon all aspects of the oval ball game.

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