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In the Rust we are never afraid to cover those sports that attract little attention in the sports pages.

Yesterday in London I had a drink with an old friend who had ovarian cancer in hotel in Marylebone. We fell into conversation with an elderly American couple on an adjoining table on holiday. The lady was looking forward to Wimbledon and the gentleman had just returned from Henley.

With his cropped hair and athletic frame I thought he might have been an ex-marine.

He had just watched the Kings Cup, a recently inaugurated competition for military eights.

It was last held after World War One. In fact, notwithstanding two world wars, a German Bundeswehr now competed and to our companion’s obvious delight was beaten in the final yesterday by the US Military eight.

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James Westacott, a former City investment banker, acquired his love of the Noble Art as a schoolboy in the 1970s. For many years he attended boxing events in and around London and more recently became a subscriber to the Box Nation satellite/cable channel. His all-time favourite boxer is Carlos Monzon. More Posts