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For Northern Hemisphere fans the this year’s annual Six Nations finale on Saturday – three matches culminating in England’s attempt at securing consecutive Grand Slams and a word record 19 international victories in a row against Ireland in Dublin – is going to be a rugby extravaganza of epic proportions, provided of course that domestic harmony is not stretched to breaking point over the six or so hours it takes to unfold.

Jerome Garces

Jerome Garces

At times of heightened anticipation such as these, I always like to spare a thought in advance for the match officials – in the case of the Ireland versus England match the referee Jérôme Garcès (France), touch judges Mathieu Maynal (France) and Marius Mitrea (Italy) and television match official Ben Skeen (New Zealand). May I wish them all the very best of luck and – in the most positive of senses – an uneventful and indeed anonymous early evening.

In which context, as a rewarding and hopefully humorous appetizer, I can think of no better excuse for providing a link to the ‘greatest hits’ of one of rugby refereeing’s most engaging characters Nigel Owens, courtesy of – YOUTUBE

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