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Hot weather and a mad world

For the mental health of citizens throughout the United Kingdom – and quite possibly also the world – on Monday I shall be setting up a petition calling upon the Government to introduce an emergency law immediately banning use of the word “unprecedented” in media reports until further notice. It’s been driving me nuts.

Rusters can indicate their support of this worthy, indeed vital, campaign by sending their donation of £10 in cash to the usual address (all major credit cards also accepted).

Yesterday, for my sins, with the BBC Weather App promising bright sunshine and a new world record UK temperature, I set off at lunchtime for my twelve acre smallholding on the South Downs for the twin purposes of having a short break “from it all” whilst also avoid the hordes of the Great Unwashed that reporters had confidently predicted with some justification would be heading for the beaches.

Having arrived at Chez Moi – and disgorged from the SUV our supplies of food and champagne for the weekend – me and mine then had a celebratory picnic lunch beside the 20-metre swimming pool.

Subsequently I then retired to my quarters in order to don my beloved 1984 James Bond-themed speedos, over the waistband of which these day my belly hangs, and then ‘lather myself up’ from head to toe with my Hawaiian “Factor 2” sun tanning oil.

Waddling back pool-side, I flicked through the newspapers before then lying back upon my sun-lounger intent upon no more than three hours’ worth of sun-bathing until it was time to serve our early evening drinks whilst catching up with the BBC One 6 O’ Clock News on television.

Dear Reader, it was at exactly this moment that the gods decided they’d had enough for the day and decided to fill the sky with darkened Nimbostratus clouds and drop the temperature by 20 degrees Celsius.

There is little more disconcerting than spending half an hour in a heat wave covering every inch of one’s body in what amounts to dressed-up cooking oil only then to be suddenly transported from the joys of the East Sussex countryside to weather conditions more appropriate to coordinates within 300 feet of the summit of Ben Nevis in January.

My mood was not improved by some of the news stories I spotted in the British media overnight.

I cite in evidence the following:


Here’s a link to a piece by health reporter Vanessa Chalmers on the possibility that current face masks and visors may be inadequate protection all round for those working in hairdressers and other types of salons, as appears upon the website of the – DAILY MAIL

Nothing in it surprises me because – never mind those who still refuse to wear face masks (and/or are exempted from doing so for medical/mental health reasons) – the infinite variety of types of face masks etc. – and the ridiculous manner in which some members of the public then wear them e.g. without covering their noses or mouths – signal to me that the average punter in the street has taken leave of his/her senses.

For further evidence see here – a piece on the next ‘latest development’ (i.e. masks with valves being banned) by Chelsea Ritschel, as appears on the website of – THE INDEPENDENT

My only comment is that from the first moment I set eyes on one of these, I could see immediately that they were a complete waste of time and/or counter-productive. We all know that wearing a face mask is designed to protect others from one’s own breath/air particles. So having a valve and breathing out through it obviously achieves the exact opposite effect!


Here’s a typical “woke-mad” politically-correct “why oh why?” opinion piece by Charlotte Cripps bemoaning the negative reaction of members of the public to a recent “same-sex kiss” incident in a programme broadcast as part of the BBC’s CBBC (childrens broadcasting) output, as appears today upon the website of – THE INDEPENDENT

Sometimes I do wonder about the sanity of some of our media-management masters (and mistresses). I recall about, a decade ago now, calling a Canadian friend in Toronto for a chat during which the subject of a recent ‘liberalising’ Canadian Government law positively promoting homosexual equality and representation in all areas of life came up.

I asked his reaction to it. He replied that, whilst he understood and respected that life and society constantly evolve, he was now getting slightly concerned that one day soon homosexuality was going to be made compulsory in his homeland!





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