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I stand corrected

I am grateful to a reader and friend for pointing out an error.

In a recent piece I said that Winston Churchill was not a movie buff. In fact he loved the cinema and converted the dining room at Chartwell to a private cinema.

His favourite film was Lady Hamilton starring Laurence Olivier and Vivienne Leigh.

He is said to have seen it seventeen times.

My friend also sent me this link about his productive relationship with Alexander Korda – CHURCHILL

Churchill certainly was a lover of the arts.

He was a close friend of Walter Sickert whose portrait of him in the National Portrait Gallery is one of the best depictions of the great man.

He also knew well William Orpen and John Lavery.

He was an accomplished painter himself.

The Nazi view of degenerate art was based on many of the artists  being Jewish like Marc Chagall and Chaim Soutine.

Like the film Titanic their own effort at German art extolling their Aryanism was quite dreadful.

Churchill has been criticised for getting much wrong before he became PM (India, the Royal Abdication) but possibly one reason why he was such a fine a wartime leader was that he had wider interests than Hitler and was more balanced in his judgment.

Hitler’s lack of confidence – bordering on paranoia – in his generals, evidenced by the parallel SS, led to some huge errors of personal intervention like declaring war on the USA and invading Russia.

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