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It’s all going to pot

In this age of the internet and social media; Donald Trump; “fake news”; widespread global distrust of all politicians and media outlets of every kind; endemic double-dealing, skulduggery and corrupt practices of the elite/Establishment/realpolitik power-brokers everywhere; the dastardly disregard for Western values of dictatorship-by-another-name-rogue countries-intent-upon-world-destabalisation-stroke-global-domination epitomised by Russia and China and/or anarchists, conspiracy-theorists and IT hackers in every corner; “wokeness”; politically-correct-madness/diversity/feminism-of-every-variety; loonies, idiots, deeply unpleasant and self-centred and self-important neo-fascists, perverts, paedophiles, people with over-pronounced senses of self-entitlement and unhinged disregard for others … when one thinks about it all seriously for a moment, it’s quite difficult for the average sensible/reasonable cove like myself to even gain a handle on what’s actually going on, still less a worthwhile sense of proportion/perspective upon any subject pertaining, to or affecting, the human race.

Regular visitors to the Rust will probably be familiar with this feeling as they watch the world go by from their lockdown bunkers.

In case any readers might be interested, here’s a link to a strident opinion piece by Richard Littlejohn that I spotted overnight on the website of the Daily Mail – not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea as a media vehicle but right now just about the only Fleet Street organ left that doesn’t prevent free access to its offerings via paywalls or similar – DAILY MAIL


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