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Let there be light

Yesterday was a nondescript sort of day with nothing special planned.

Then at 10-00am all power terminated in my home.

I am familiar with the tripping of the keyboard and assumed that all would and could be corrected.

Not so.

So I next called up an electrician who walked me through it. At 5-00pm the same thing occurred and this time the sparks called round.

He advised a new keyboard as the source of the tripping was not apparent from it.

Until you are deprived of all power you do not realise how essential it is.

It also occurred to me that this organ has been critical of Putin.

Am I an innocent victim in the ongoing cyber war?

And how difficult would it be for one of Putin’s cyber units to take out the whole electricity grid for London and the South East?

I read somewhere that, prior to the invasion of Crimea,the underwater internet cables of Crimea were severed by Russian submarines.

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