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London: it’s eerie

Yesterday I travelled to London for various meetings.

A taxi took me to my first appointment via Oxford St. – I have never seen it so deserted.

If I had to describe the West End pre-Covid I would use the word bustling. Now it would be eerie.

It was like those nightmarish science fictions when a place is inexplicably empty.

At the hotel where I customarily stay there were no concierge, no welcoming bowls of fruit nor hot towel and a skeleton front desk.

Most of the hotel was closed off unless you were a resident and occupancy hugely reduced.

At one of my favourite restaurants Fischers, where I took an early supper, the configuration of tables had been adjusted for greater distance but the through ‘passages of way’ used by waiters and diners were overcrowded and difficult to negotiate.

Nonetheless it was totally full.

Not even in the Blitz was London so reduced in its vigour.

Sanitised might be the best description.

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