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Making my blood boil

Readers may recall that I had a full medical. The report was sent by email but in such a secretive and inaccessible way I could not open it. Firstly, my password failed, then in seeking a replacement the site was unable to offer one. Finally, when I spoke to the incompetents after I was given a new one, the report failed to open on the page. I complained in no uncertain terms and requested a simple hard copy in the post. I then got a highly technical explanation. I emailed back that had I wanted an advance course on the Internet I would  have said so – all I wanted was my report in accessible form, i.e. by post. The irony of all this incompetence is that the Doctor urged me, with my high blood pressure, not to get too cross. She may not have realised how much her organisation was to contribute to this. I have decided for health reasons to ignore it completely.

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