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Mea culpa, Sherlock fans

Bernadette Angell on an occupational hazard for NR columnists

My schedule yesterday, planned well in advance, always included me settling down with my partner in front of the television at 8.30pm – if not before – to watch the final episode of three in the latest Sherlock television series broadcast on BBC1.

Having gone for a jog shortly after breakfast, attended Matins at my local church, flicked through the Sunday newspapers and prepared the Sunday roast, I have to confess that curling up on the sofa, our faithful hound Benton at our feet, to enjoy a mid-afternoon nap was a welcome guilty pleasure.

Having later dealt with a tearful telephone call from my eldest daughter Helen, who announced that she had contracted her second STD of this academic year, we partook of a couple of biscuits with Stilton and a glass of red wine in the early evening. Shortly after 8.00pm, I was left alone to do my Sherlock homework.

Sadly, after about twenty minutes, despite finding the plot as intriguing as any this season, I kept finding myself weaving in and out of slumber. Finally, at 9.00pm, I rose – switched off the television, having checked that the episode was on ‘record’ – and disappeared to bed.

Accordingly, I must report this morning that my forthcoming review of the final episode of Sherlock will have to wait until I have found the time to watch the recording …


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