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Yesterday I received the good news that my kidney stone has passed. Over my five and sixty years I get a stone roughly every 10 years and it’s intensely painful.

A calcified stone forms in the ureter, blocks the bladder which sets off a acute pain.

At my last appointment last week, the historic scan revealed a small stone at the base of the ureter – the small tube from the bladder.

We agreed a more up to date CT scan was necessary which took place immediately. When a further appointment was fixed for yesterday I feared the worst as I assumed the urologist had seen the results.

Then again I had the impression that he had looked at the scan at the last moment. I believe that he did but the good news was it had gone.

The procedure to remove it – termed a utereroscopy – sounded distinctly uncomfortable, my diary would have to be rescheduled and there is always the possibility of something going wrong.

At very best the stent would have to be removed after the procedure.

So it was a good day and I celebrated by opening a bottle of champagne.

In the morning my new Sky router arrived with a faster broadband.

All very good till I tried the Sonos system, which required some method of connection to the router, which I did not understand.

I’ve come across this problem of upgrades before – namely it generates a further problem which I cannot solve.

I am not huge follower of Association Football.

My old friend, now alas passed on, Peter Hill Wood would once a season invite me to the Arsenal who are my team.

I was therefore hoping that Ajax would win last night and looking forward to a Ajax v Barcelona final.

It was not to be and, worse, the TV sound and commentary was intermittent as everything is driven by Sonos.

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