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Yesterday I attended at the Spire Montefiore Hospital to see a urologist regarding a kidney stone which has this year caused pain and discomfort. The previous day I called my medical insurers to confirm my cover.

When I presented myself the receptionist took my details but erroneously registered me as self funding though I gave her the claim number. These glorified clinics are slick operations but payment rather than patient seem to be the central issue. For acute treatment I still prefer the good old NHS which despite all the criticism and being a political football has for 70 years provided free of charge medical care for the populus.

I liked my urologist. Further treatment if any depends on the CT scan identifying the position and size of the stone but he explained it all clearly.

I was impressed that Polly my p/a had already assured me that some blood in the urine is normal with this condition. The urologist said he would be more worried if there was not any as we would have to investigate other causes.

My only real beef was when I moved to the diagnostic centre.

Here the receptionist‘s face was sunk in her computer.

She looked up and said in a clipped way “ I will be with you in a moment. “ I’m with Daffers on this. I like an eye to eye greeting. She assured me the CT scan could take place immediately and then informed me there was no radiographer available. She did not know the conditions I should undertake the scan e.g. fasting.

A further appointment was made and I finished the procedure with a blood test.

In the afternoon was a long scheduled appointment with a Internet specialist to review my systems. He was recommended by an Internet entrepreneur friend of mine.

Now when it comes to diaries, I’m an old fashioned pen and ink man.

I keep a pocket diary, main one in my desk and kitchen wall calendar. Polly thinks this is overkill.

The Internet man emailed me an appointment termed “Invitation”. All very efficient but he never turned up at all.

At least I could watch Cheltenham. I do enjoy steeplechasing for the bravery of the jockeys, the handicap system and for it being less pretentious and plutocratic than flat racing.

It was excellent racing and there was real sporting majesty about Altior now in a 18 win sequence.

I watched the proceedings unfurl in the House of Commons. Constitutional experts were on hand to explain the bizarrre occurrence of Tories whipped to vote against their original motion.

What would happen on March 29th if with No Deal Brexit off the table,an extension to article 50 is approved by the House but not unanimously the 27 EU member states ?

With his colourful ties and hair style that looks like he has been dragged backwards through a carwash Speaker John Bercow seems to revel in the publicity and attention.

There is however a serious issue here for him.

He can block any further debate on the Theresa May Motion for the third time as its been defeated twice which would frustrate the Brexiteers whole only remaining hope of a speedy Brexit may well be that deal.

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