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Mine’s a half!

These are strange times indeed, with the summer’s highly-anticipated international cricket season now fast approaching and four English clubs contesting European football’s elite championship cups, albeit in distant parts.

Meanwhile, nearer home UK politics remains trapped in a Brexit vice with, in a surreal twist, a EU parliamentary election campaign already under way in which – apart from the irrelevant airy-fairy Lib Dems – none of the ‘Establishment’ parties, including the independent breakaway ones, apparently have any appetite for the fray.

Thus far few – if any – have bothered to published meaningful manifestos, partly because – given their disarray and inner-party disagreements – they don’t quite know to put in them and partly because, if they did, they fear that this would only further antagonise and alienate the public.

They’re behaving like guilty prisoners being held in police cells below the Old Bailey courts waiting to be called to hear their sentence from the judge.

I spotted the following pieces on the website of The Guardian overnight which might be of interest to Rusters.

Firstly, a review of yesterday’s Brexit Party public meeting by – JOHN CRACE

Secondly, an extraordinary report upon a cricketing social media spat and its aftermath by – BARNEY RONAY

It’s difficult to believe but then you couldn’t make this sort of thing up … could you?

Hey ho …

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