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Mobile disaster or was it?

Yesterday I put some trousers – on which I had spilled something in the washing machine – without realising my mobile was in the back pocket.

On hearing a suspicious clunking noise and being unable to locate it, I put 2 and 2 together.

Fortunately it was still in the back pocket, there was water incursion but it appeared to have life in it.

The concierge advised drying it out on the radiator.

Polly, as ever the source of practicality, advised immersion in rice to draw out the moisture.

By the afternoon it was fully operational.

Of course I cursed my stupidity with darker negative thoughts that I was getting too old to look after myself.

Polly assured she me it happens to her all the time. I also realised how dependent we are on such mobiles for information stored and communication. My questioning mind reached out further. Would a mobile-less world really be so bad?

People would be forced to talk to one another in cafes, bars and restaurants and not peer into these little machines: our every movement would not be trackable and traceable: you could walk in the streets without weaving away from pedestrian looking at his/her mobile.

My mobile has been retrieved but can you say the same of the digital world in which we live?

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