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More techno travails

Yesterday I spent an unsuccessful hour in a mobile shop I patronise trying unsuccessfully to sort out why the wifi on my iPad does not function.

The problem seems to be yet another frustrating dead end loop.

To get it to work I needed to download an IOS upgrade but could not do so as I had no wifi.

Over the last month, since the dreadful upgrade, my internet has twice gone down completely, I have wasted hours waiting for engineers and repairers, paid out a lot of money and thought I had finally had a fully functioning system.

Not so.

I turned to my reserve Apple Mac laptop. Frequently a BT hub internet page would appear and not readily removable. I managed to work out it that I needed to get back to my server, but how?

The language of internet assistance is a mix of the over familiar (“howdy”) and the opaque.

Added to this the charging point of my Kindle broke. The shop that supplied it said it was not a warranty issue for them, but a manufacturer’s.

We live in an Internet-dependent age. Even if you call to find human contact for aid, there is continual message that you might find it easier to visit the website.

No .. no .. no.

So I now have a Roberts radio which I switch on and off at the turn of a switch and a paper book that after you have read you can present to a friend and anything else that gets me out of the Internet-dependent cage.

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