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My story/ Granite Grant Logan

I thought I would begin by explaining how it was that I came to write for the Rust. Your wine correspondent Algy Belville came to North Island NZ, what 2 year ago, and met up with a great mate John Buck whose family own Te Mata Estate, the best winery in our country.

John chaired Hawkes Bay Rugby Club whose legends include Kel Tremain and if I may boast myself. Anyway over lunch at Porter’s Havelock West Algy suggested I wrote for the Rust.

My dad was a sheep farmer and we were reared on Wilson Whinneray and full back Don Clarke.

Anything within 30 yard of the posts, Clarky could put over in his bare feet.

I once remember him hitting the crossbar from the kick off, 50 yards away.

I went to the famous Auckland academy and rose through the All Black ranks. We are talking the era of Brian Lochore, Kel Tremain, Sid Going and the incomparable Colin “ Pine Trees “ Meads.

Pine Trees played one game with a double fracture of the arm.

He was a dour character though and I roomed with his brother Stan.

Frank Oliver and Andy Haden were the regular locks but I got the odd game. I then went into coaching starting at Canterbury, the club of full back Fergie McCormick. I remember a right ding-dong in the rain there against the Lions in the wet.

We have a warm relationship with the Mother Country though my grandfather never forgave Winston Churchill for Gallipoli when the Aussies and Kiwis were landed at the wrong cove.

We Kiwis have been the first to enlist in every major war of the twentieth century.

With the Brexit debate , it’s forgotten that as a Commonwealth country we felt excluded by the EU and many of us hope the old links will be restored.

New Zealand butter is still the best in the world.

I’m looking forward to the World Cup and I’m sure the All Blacks will make at least the final.

Don’t forget since the last one we have lost Richie McCaw and Dan Carter. There is an endless conveyor belt of talent and young George Bridge so steadfast under the high ball may be the one to watch.

I gather Daffers and Bob Tickler are coming out.

Bob, what a character. His reputation and his tummy proceed him. We have a few legends like Andy Dalton, Wayne Crockett and Reuben Thorne in the tour party.

Bob cracked me up when he said he heard the bullet train only waits 45 seconds and as he is not as quick as he was over 5 yards he was worried he might not board it.

I reassured him that Dalts, Crocks , Thorny and I will keep those doors open as long as necessary and if the Japanese shovers on the platform want to mix it I can tell you now who will come off worst.

About Granite Grant Logan

‘Granite’ Grant Logan is covering the Rugby World Cup in Japan 2019 for us. Grant was a no holds barred lock for Hawkes Bay who took no quarter and expected none. Unfortunately his appearances in the All Black jersey were limited by the pre-eminence of Frank Oliver and Andy Haden. After hanging up his size 14 boots he became a highly respected coach and analyst. More Posts