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Nice awaits

Michael de Vacri

From the mayorial office to the stall holders in the Cours Saleya there is excitement for the visit of Monsiuer Bob (Tickler), la Daffers and the National Rust troupe for their annual April pilgrimage to Nice.

It will take our minds off the violence of the yellow vest anarchists and the the interminable Brexit negotiations.

I have just read the biography of Winston Churchill and once again Britain stands alone in Europe. This was not a good thing in 1940 and it is not now. Still we must enjoy Monsieur Bob’s bonhomie and Bon Viveurship. Perhaps in his own inimitable way he may repair the bridges.

Our weather has been delightful, in the late twenties.

Our football team OGC Nice under Patrick Vieira is in the top half of Ligue Une.

I am not sure if after the tragedy of Emilio Sala the huge prices for Ligue Une players will continue. We were surprised by the £25m paid by Alan Tanner’s Fulham for Seri and £30m for Anguissa. No doubt after losing out again in the Champions League PSG will be looking for new manager though they are coasting their way to the title.

Bienvenue Bob!