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Overnight plucking

Here come further contributions to our continuing series of “items of potential interest to Rusters spotted on the internet”.

Few things make me laugh more than a classic malapropism and/or inadvertent mix-up of words.

My own grandmother was capable of both, sometimes in the same sentence. In her heyday – long before political correctness had been even a gleam in it’s father’s eye – she routinely referred to those who were once known as ‘spastics’ as ‘plastics’, often left her car in a ‘par cark’ and one of her top three all-time favourite musical movies was My Lady Fair (instead of My Fair Lady).

Here’s a piece by David Shariatmadari on instances of use of language, words or linguistic ticks that annoy him or indeed others, an important subject for anyone who writes or reads – see here, on the website of – THE GUARDIAN



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