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Prom revisited and poor letting practice

Yesterday on a gloriously sunny day when the temperature reached 21 degrees we made a long walk on the Prom to an apartment block well past the Negresco.

The reason for this is that sadly the flat we have rented is going to be sold and if we are to revisit Nice we must relocate. A balcony is an essential so I was interested in a flat in an Art Deco building.

The Prom might be one of the most famous esplanades in the world but walking on it is not always that comfortable.

There is dedicated cycling lane but there have been so many accident with pedestrians that extensive building works are taking place to separate it from the walking area.

To cross on a pedestrian crossing is to take your life in your hands anyway but cyclists appear not to recognize the zebra crossing on their cycle way.

One poor woman with a pram was nearly mowed down as the cyclist bellowed at her. Add to this dog turds, crazy skateboarders, children on scooters coming at you like Stukas, pedlars and – for me worst of all – people blaring down their mobiles then it becomes a more stressful exercise than walking by the sea should be.

After seeing the building and reviewing the flat’s amenities on their website I decided to organize a view.

I was staggered to find that the letting agency charged £30 for one. As a landlord myself I would be delighted to have a prospective tenant and certainly would not dream of charging him/her.

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