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Recommendation – an article on self-love in the Daily Mail

Spotted on the website of the Daily Mail today is this article on the supposed health benefits of masturbation – see here: DAILY MAIL

I’m not qualified enough to confirm whether these findings are accurate or not, but the story did bring to mind an incident of about four decades ago, when a youngish under-housemaster at my boarding public school addressed a gathering of three prefects on the evening before a crucial inter-house rugby match.

One passage of his speech involved him counselling his listeners that, at this very important time, they should refrain from overnight self-abuse because of its deleterious effect upon the human body’s reserves of stamina, ending his instruction (or was it plea?) with the words “… it’s the equivalent of going on a six mile run”.

As quick as a flash, the character to my left, who went on to a distinguished career in the British Army, responded “In that case, Sir, I must be one of the fittest guys in the school …!”


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