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Roy Keane and punditry

I share Tom Hollingworth’s admiration for Jonathan Liew as one of more original and wittier sportswriters but unlike Llew I certainly had a view about Roy Keane’s rant at half-time in the Spurs v Manchester United game.

As with many of the games since resumption behind closed doors the first half was dull and the match experience was enlivened by Roy Keane rubbishing David De Gea, Harry Maguire and Luke Shaw.

However there is an important aspect which Liew ignored, namely objectivity.  Keane used we to refer to Manchester United.

His teammate Gary Neville, arguably the most respected analyst around, is never guilty of such partisanship even though – unlike Keane – he was a one club United man.

Roy Keans career  as a manager and coach is over.

I heard of one midfielder who did not want to sign for Nottingham Forest when he was Martin O’Neill’s Number Two.

Normally the ex-manager as analyst is hopeful he might still get a job in the game. Keane will be fortunate to keep his night-time job.

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