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Rumpole and the barrow boy

There are many reasons why I enjoy Rumpole (Talking Pictures channel, every Wednesday at 8.0pm).

The programme is so well constructed with chambers life, the trial and the Rumpole marriage all possessing the same leitmotiv.

In last week’s episode Rumpole and the Barrow Boy the common thread was class and being the “right sort”

The patrician head of a stockbrokers disliked the barrow boy culture. In the firm was one of the Timson gang, arrested for insider dealing. The accused broker, defended by Rumpole, went out with the owner’s daughter Rose.

Thus the father, owner and head of the broking firm looked down at the Timson lad from a totally different firm and disapproved of the relationship with his daughter.

The pompous Claude Erskine Brown found his admission to the Sheridan club blocked by his head of chambers

Hilda Rumpole made an unsuccessful application for silk on behalf of husband Horace.

The young actress who played Rose had an exceptionally pretty face which was familiar to me.

When the credits came it revealed the actress was Elizabeth Hurley.

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