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Second jab

Yesterday, later than most, I had my second jab at the Brighton Racecourse.

My first was on February 18 and I was getting a tad worried that I had received no notification about the second.

The theme of this week’s Rust is speak to a human and I called the Racecourse hotline.

The recorded message was that you will be notified of the second vaccination but I pressed on to speak to someone and yesterday’s appointment was duly made.

There must have been 100 volunteers at the Racecourse which, despite its location on the Downs, has poor facilities and is one of Brighton ‘s lesser appointed sporting venues.

It all went smoothly and I was in and out in 20 minutes including the obligatory rest. I suffered little reaction apart from feeling tired and slightly out of sorts.

I reflected on the winners and losers of the pandemic.

Leaders are defined by their ability to navigate their country through Covid. The phrase “he/she had a good war” will be replaced by a “good Covid”.

Boris Johnson and Benjamin Netanyahu had good Covids, so much so that funding of a refurbishment and county court judgments, or a third Intafada do not seem to affect their popularity.

One loser is the spectator’s ability to watch county cricket.

In the open air and not that well attended,  this would seem a natural for a speedy return for spectators but no.

Sussex’ first open game is against Northamptonshire on May 27th.

I will be there but not in the Players Club who have held the same price notwithstanding that we are now halfway through the season and unable to watch any games to date or that there will be no matches at the outer grounds of Eastbourne and Arundel.

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