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Secret of the Unicorn

There has been some reportage on the Rust on recalling the moon landings which prompted me to investigate whether a film or TV series cartoon was made of the two stories Destination Moon and Explorers of the Moon by Hergé featuring Tintin and Captain Haddock’s lunar exploration.

I could not find same but did come across on Netflix the Steven Spielberg film of 2011 Secret of the Unicorn. This was the story which first introduces Captain Haddock to Tintin and Marlinspike Hall to Captain Haddock. Tintin stumbles across an old model of a galleon in a flea market, once the ship of Sir Francis Haddock, whose treasure pot finished like him in Davy Jones’ locker after attack by the pirate Red Rackham.

Tintin has one of three scrolls that will reveal where the treasure can be located. The story interweaves other parts of different stories, like the desert scene in the Crab withe Golden Claws.

As you would expect from Spielberg the visual graphics are of the highest quality which in every sense animates the action. Jamie Bell narrates Tintin and Daniel Craig Sakharine the villain of the piece.

Captain Haddock is spoken in a Scottish accent. I was riveted. I was only sorry that the cooperation between Spielberg and the Hergé Foundation did not extend beyond one film. Once again Spielberg showed his unmatched talent to make a film that enthralls adult and child alike.

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