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Sport – there’s plenty happening!

Spotted on the broadsheet newspaper websites today are some compelling pieces that deserve being recommended to National Rust readers and indeed all sports fans.

Try these:

On the amount that players’ agents get paid, here’s a piece by Tom Sheen featuring in – THE INDEPENDENT

On the aftermath of Kiwi cricketer Chris Cairn’s acquittal in his ‘fixing’ perjury allegation trial, here’s Scyld Berry of THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

On the failure of the LTA and British tennis to capitalise upon the success of Wimbledon and indeed Andy Murray, here’s Kevin Mitchell in – THE GUARDIAN

On the latest developments in the track and field doping scandal, here’s Owen Gibson in – THE GUARDIAN

And on the issue of bidding to host the Olympics, here’s Chitra Ramaswamy, again in – THE GUARDIAN

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