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Sue McGregor

Sue MacGregor  is a hero of mine so I listened avidly to the Archive on Four on Radio 4 last Saturday for her celebration of five decades as a broadcaster.

It sums up her qualities that she treated the programme as a news broadcast.

She was neither bitter nor boastful. She merely recounted how she became a news broadcaster first on William Hardcastle’s World at One and then Today.  

The BBC now seems only too ready to get rid of senior broadcasters but to their credit and our enjoyment she was asked on leaving Today to present two programmes A Good Read and the Reunion which she did supremely well.

I listen to both programmes and neither are as good without her.

What makes such a good broadcaster?

She asks the right questions without giving offence and is a master of her brief.

The Reunion, with her presenting, begins with a concise resume of the facts which could only happen after diligent study of the issue or event.

The aim of A Good Read is to share book recommendations.

Her successor  presenter Harriet Gilbert is a bibliophile but the other contributors are as often as not celebrity comedians or women achievers who do not enjoy a good read.

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