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Sunday Supplement/ Sky

Like many I am a keen fan of the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday. He examines the crucial issues with the big political players. So I was disappointed yesterday to see no programme. My telly was set on SKY Main Event which was broadcasting the programme Sunday Supplement.

It must have been a good 15 years ago since I last watched this programme.

It was then with Brian Woolnough as presenter and Jimmy Hill a constant round the table with two other soccer journalists.

Jimmy Hill’s proconsular style did not appeal to everyone but few could deny his contribution to football and his involvement in every aspect of the game which distinguished him from the modern analyst many of whom have been just players and pundits.

I did not recognise the presenter yesterday but knew the three other round the table Paddy Barclay, who wrote for the high brows and is a soccer romantic, Paul McCarthy a red top veteran and Ian McGarry a salty Glaswegian. All were now retired from national newspapers.

The discussion on Jose Mourinho was perceptive.

One commented that every item in his office vaunted Mourinho. The ego is all pervasive. Most thought he would get another job but at 55 his method and man management were out of date , especially once he lost his assistant Feria.

Confidence in assertion is the hallmark of these journos.

Paddy Barclay stated Mourinho’s first Chelsea team was one of the best football sides ever.

I would prefer to see the 1970 team of Charlie Cooke and Peter Osgood.

David da Silva was Manchester City’s greatest ever player: “Few would disagree with that.”

I would.

Colin Bell, Francis Lee, Mike Summerbee and of the moderns Kevin de Bruyne, Sergio Aguerro and Vincent Kompany sprang to immediate mind.

At one and half hours the programme is too long. It would work better on radio as it’s all discussion. There should be more review of the stories in the press.

Nonetheless it was as good a way as any to get through Sunday in the festive season.

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