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Ten Pound Poms

My late parents knew an eccentric travel agent who was involved in the £10 scheme to attract white British people to Australia.

I can recall a visit to the docks to see sad faced immigrants rejecting one life for another. This was the force behind BBC One’s latest drama.

It featured one family from Stockport – the husband and father (Warren Brown) gets work digging holes but encounters abuse, rejection and even a murder attempt from the local work force.

The excellent Michelle Keegan plays a nurse but, whilst she conformed with BBC’s diversity policy, would she not have fallen fail of the White Australia one?

She has a secret, to which she used subterfuge to gain access to the record department, and perhaps all will be clearer in future episodes.

I found it, though slow-paced in parts, excellent drama and a welcome change from period drama and clever detectives on mobiles which is the normal staple Sunday fare.

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