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The barbecue

Last night the weather was sufficiently clement to have a barbecue. The barbecue is strange institution as the male of the species takes responsibility for the cooking though, as often as not, the woman prepares the food, the salads and clears it all away. I have been to too many barbecues where I starved as it took hours to fire it up. Mine is a gas one which fires up in seconds. Last night Jamie and his mother were staying and there was much enthusiasm from the little fella for a barbecue. Two  gardens down a loud party was in progress of samba music and bacchanalian dancing. A woman kindly apologised that it was her wedding party and she hoped we could tolerate the music. On the contrary it made for a lively backdrop as did two of the younger revellers singing songs from musicals.

My sausages burgers and chips all were cooked to perfection. A good friend of mine who is deeply knowledgeable on wines had advised me to purchase some Californian Pinots Noirs called Moondust which were quite delicious. By 9-30, as the suns was setting, the weather still balmy with a coastal breeze, I felt  at ease with the world, troubled though it is.

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