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The curious incident of the man in the bathrobe

At 7.30 am yesterday there was a knock on the door and there I find a man in a bathrobe, apparently from the room below, creating in a heavy German accent that the noise from my chair kept him awake all night.

This was curious as I awoke at 4.30 am and sat at the desk working on my laptop. Subsequently I reported the incident to one of the reception staff stating that such complaints should be made via the hotel and the guest should be told in no uncertain terms not to arrive unannounced at a guest bedroom and conduct himself as he did.

The French have an expression “mot d’escalier” (literally translated as a ‘staircase word’ but meaning the cutting phrase you only thought of afterwards).

I would have loved to have said

“Jawohl , Herr Reichsfuhrer! …”

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