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The giving of presents

A good friend of mine recently gave me a photo frame to which you can download digital photos. It was given with the very best of intentions. I’m an old fashioned sort of guy who likes an instruction manual not, as was the case here, an app.

My problems started when I must have tapped in my email incorrectly as I was continually met with the rejection that the name and password don’t tally. I could not even get a new password or create a account.

My friend directed me to someone in the company who eventually sorted it.

Others friends gave me wine or books.

The advantage here is that all I had to do was open them.

However the best present came from myself.

This was a Roberts Radio, their latest model the i stream 3.

The great thing about a Roberts is it marries a traditional bakerlite wireless with the new techno and access to various streaming devices like Spotify though its unlikely I will use them. The best thing of all is that you push a button and you hear a lovely clear sound.

My station of preference is Classic FM but I cannot abide the adverts for PPI claims or dentistry so – unlike my Sonos system which is internet dependent and functions off a mobile – I can change station with extreme facility.

In an odd way it reminded me of the lovely hotel in Grenada: 5 star luxury with traditional and local features. Best of all it comes with a 74 page manual in writing and the setup and functionality could not have been easier.

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