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The Man that Got Away/Lynne Truss

Lynne Truss is an established comic writer.

This is her second Constable Twitten detective novel which is also highly humourous.

At the heart of this fiction set in Brighton in the 1950s lies not Constable Peregrine Twitten (named after a path way in Rottingdean) but Mrs Palmeira (a well-known avenue in Hove) Groyne, charlady at the police station and head of the Brighton underworld.

Also in the station is Inspector Steine (Old Steine is where the Royal Pavilion is situated), an incompetent media-conscious detective, and Sergeant Brunswick (another square in Hove ) who regularly gets shot in the leg.

There are 5 murders in all, a team of con men, a suspiciously-attractive information officer called Adelaide, a seedy night club, a wax works and a vivid evocation of Brighton in the 50s. It’s also extremely funny.

Peter James is the doyen of Brighton crime writers.

His novels are contemporary. He has close relations with the local police force.

Lynne Truss’s are quite different in period and location but she has identified a genre and characters that will appeal to a local and broader readership.

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