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The play-off final/A Brentford view

One aspect of modern football coverage I don’t care for is the use of we by analysts in reference to the team they support. Reporting and analysis should always be objective.

I try to be impartial but I make no secret that I’m a Brentford fan and in the build-up to the final there was much good-natured banter between Alan Tanner and myself. Now I feel an overwhelming sense of disappointment.

After resumption Brentford won 7 games on the bounce including a 2-0 victory over Fulham.

With two games to go before the end of the season against Stoke and Barnsley we only needed two draws or one win to achieve automatic promotion but incredibly lost both.

We lost the first play off semi-final to Swansea but recaptured our form to beat them at the last-ever game at Griffin Park.

In the build-up to the final Fulham’s head coach Scott Parker kept his cards close to his chest but our midfielder Marcondes said Fulham are afraid of Brentford which comment was probably stuck up on Fulham’s changing room.

Brentford were the bookies favourites and the media darlings which did not help either.

Fulham set up well depriving Brentford’s trident of free-scoring forwards opportunities and dominated the first half.

Brentford came into the game more in the second and Tom Cairney was fortunate only to receive a yellow card.

Keeper Raya was at fault positionally with Joe Bryan’s free-kick goal but nine times out of 10 the manoeuvre would have failed.

Nonetheless I have to admit Fulham deserved their victory.

Brentford have rightfully been praised for being run well.

Our best player is sold off every season without affecting performance and results.

Under our articulate coach Thomas Frank we must regroup and plan for next season.

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Rex Mitchell is a Brentford supporter from childhood. This has not prevented him having a distinguished Fleet Street career as a sports reporter and later deputy football editor. A widower, Rex is a bit of a bandit golfer off his official handicap of 20 and is currently chairman of his local bowls club. More Posts