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The Plot Against America

I promise you this is the last review you will have to read of HBO’s Plot Against America but the editor asked me to put it in a historical context.

I have to start with the observation that this was not a documentary but a drama based on the fiction of Philip Roth.

This said, a number of representations and assumptions were made which I would dispute.

The first is the character of Charles Lindbergh.

He almost certainly was an anti-Semite and probably a Nazi sympathiser.

However, he was a patriot and played an important role in the Victory Programme, working with another castigated for anti-semitism in the drama Henry Ford, on aircraft production.

He never aligned himself to a political party and was a poor speaker.

I have no doubt that Franklin D Roosevelt would have trounced him in the 1940 election had Lindbergh run.

In the final episode Walter Winchell, running for the Presidency, is murdered and the First Lady Ann Morrow Lindbergh committed to an asylum.

Lindbergh disappears and Burton Wheeler takes over the presidency.

All of this is unlikely.

And what happened to Pearl Harbour?

The final reveal is the most absurd of all: Lindbergh’s son had been kidnapped by the Nazis and kept in Berlin to blackmail Lindbergh.

In fact the son was kidnapped in March 1932 before the Nazis came to power.

I would also dispute any similarity between Donald Trump and Lindbergh.

Trump cur his teeth in the intensely Jewish New York property world, he has a Jewish son-in-law there is not a scintilla of anti-semitism about him.

This is not to denigrate totally a fast-paced, well-acted series but history it isn’t.

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