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The Rescue Man/ Anthony Quinn

Some writers once they create a popular character drive him/her through a series of novels: the late Philip Kerr was a case in point with Bernie Gunther.

Others like William Boyd or David Mitchell will surprise the reader with totally different novel every time. Anthony Quinn is of this school.

He can write on the depression of an Edwardian cricketer (Half the Human Race), a trilogy of over lapping characters (Curtain Call, Freya, Eureka going from the thirties to the sixties), a property scam in Victorian Somers Town The Streets, to the novel (left) set in the blitz in Liverpool with a parallel narrative of a Victorian architect Peter Eames who writes a journal that falls in the hand of the central character Thomas Baines.

Baines is writing a book on Liverpool’s architecture. With the bombing of Liverpool he joins a rescue team that extract victims from wrecked by the Luftwaffe buildings. For the description of these feats alone the book is worth reading. Added to this you have an improper liaison and the story of Peter Eames which cleverly fuses into the central narrative after a few twists.

As with all his novels he has supreme gift for describing location and can tell a gripping story. An excellent read.

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