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The wedding celebration

This three day celebration was my first experience of a millenial wedding. Most that I have attended in the past take place in a House of God with an officiating vicar or rabbi.

This was in the open air in an elegant setting of the gardens of a villa with a lay celebrant.

Various vows were made, rings exchanged and candles lit. Clearly the idea was a celebration devised by the couple and for their family and friends. It worked well.

Yesterday was an after-party given by the groom’s parents in their hacienda overlooking Marbella.

It was a relaxed, well-catered affair and unlike the dinner the previous night I could sit with my close friends who are also staying at the Marbella Club and a delightful family I met by chance.

There were no pressures, the only problem being the Uber driver could not find us to collect us. I might start a Rust debate of taxi v Uber.

The latter is cheaper but I’ve often found collection can be a problem.

Back at the hotel we had a final drink in the open bar with accompaniment by pianist and chanteuse. It’s been a highly enjoyable break.

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