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The young German coaches

In one important respect the Bundesliga outperforms the Premier – the production line of highly competent young national coaches.

In the Premier all we have is Eddie Howe and Sean Dyche.

In the Bundesliga, Julian Negelsmann aged 30 has performed wonders at Hoffenheim, a small club, where he guided them from the threat of relegation to Champions league.

This young prodigy has not gone unnoticed, he is moving to Leipzig at the end of the season. He has a degree in business administration and I bet his English is fluent.

Julian Korlfeldt (35), the former youth team manger of Werder Bremen, was promoted to head coach where he has a 44% win record.

Domenic Tedesco at SS Schalkewho finished second and Thomas Tuchel – once of Borussia Dortmund – are older but still younger than most Premier  managers.

Borussia Dortmund was of course the last club of both Jürgen Klopp and Malcolm Wagner of Huddersfield.

I am surprised that more Premier clubs do not look at the Bundesliga to recruit.

The only other impressive young talent is Giovanni van Bronckhurst at Feyennoord who took the Rotterdam club to their first title in 18  years.

He played for Arsenal and if Emery does not work out must surely be on their radar.

Why do the same old faces do the rounds of Premier clubs with so much talent available in mainland Europe?

The German model of 50% fan ownership with a golden share and the rest of the ownership in the hands of large corporates has certainly kept Bayern, with their five European and Champions League trophies, at  the helm of European football, outperforming Premier clubs in the hands of the billionaire owners like Manchester City and Chelsea.

Fans have free travel to away games, ticket prices are moderate, the stadia have more atmosphere.

What’s there not to admire?

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