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Trouble zooming up

Like some of you and all of the Rust contributors I had never heard of Zoom 3 months ago.

Now it is an indispensable means of communication and its net worth as a company more than the seven biggest airlines put together. Yet I don’t like it.

An enterprising lady in our Spanish class set up Zoom for a quiz in Spanish set every week.

One time the self-same lady had a backdrop of a Kentish pub, another in the group  the Bernabeu stadium the home of Real Madrid, another the home of artist Freda Kohla.

I had nothing.

So imagining this to be a simple process I tried to put up a photo of Nice taken from the balcony of Bob Tickler’s flat.

Last night one of the group gave me an idiot’s guide.

At stage 7 I had to allow Zoom access to my photos.

I had no idea how to do this. The kind lady showed me how this can be done involving another 4 steps, making 11 in all.

Why on the home page they could not have on the menu “set virtual background” I know not.

They do have a “do you want virtual back ground permanently or for this meeting?” making the assumption that you had set it up.

There are other clear disadvantages of Zoom.

In its basic form it cuts out after 40 minutes.

Alice said that in the art course which is now on Zoom she was reproached for being very noisy by a class member and told to mute which she had no idea how to do.

The teacher was told she should do this and got understandably flustered that she might push the wrong button.

I wonder how easy it is for the outside world to access.

I was shocked that – after completing a novel on Kindle – I received an email from Goodreads that “as you have finished it you can now download a new one”.

Goodreads apparently not only have access to my Kindle but use this to sell their books.

Alan Tanner belongs to a Fulham lunch club which cannot meet as planned in the next few months. It was suggested that they could do a Zoom Q & A instead.

He was against this as the club is all about conviviality and confraternity, good food and wine which cannot be replicated on Zoom.

I may not have heard of Zoom three months ago. I hope not to have heard of it (or through it) in three months’ time.


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