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“Wait for the number 3!”

Please pardon me for bothering you if this is ‘old hat’ because you’ve seen it previously – possibly many times – but yesterday I was shown for the first time a video of a dog who has been trained follow commands to an extraordinary degree.

What was particularly impressive was that, about halfway through, the dog demonstrates he’s loving the task he’s been set because his tail starts wagging. That’s the thing with dogs, they love to please – often the only reward they crave is approval … or just the chance to play with a ball!

I became very excited – asked that the link be sent to me to show others –  and, with great ceremony, a short while later showed it to my son.

Having dutifully watched it on my computer, with me purring accompanying comments such as “I promise you, you’ll never have seen anything like this before … watch this …!”, he waited until it had finished and then quietly said “Sorry, Dad, I’ve seen this video hundreds of times before …”

That’s old age and fatherhood for you.

Never mind, at least I managed to ‘copy and paste the link onto the page … (hopefully – will someone please message me if not) … courtesy of – YOUTUBE

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