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“Well, here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into, Stanley …”

Do please stop me if you’ve heard or read this before somewhere but, judging by the views expressed and/or discussed in the circles I currently move in, it would seem that most of the UK population have become so thoroughly bored, confused and possibly numbed by life as it now is in the year 2 S.B. – in other words ‘Since Boris’ (came to power) – that nothing surprises them anymore.

Separately, I acknowledge that a significant number of ‘high risk’ (shielding) oldies have been scared witless by the threat presented by the virus – which is perfectly understandable given the long list of medical/physical illnesses, conditions and groupings for which this form of ‘self-isolation’  was recommended – but, by the same token, there is a sizeable group of senior citizens like me who, by personal physiology and/or just naked good fortune, are relatively fit and have been unaffected by the national lockdown, if only because our lives under it were little different to those that we had before it was imposed.

Rusters exasperated with the current state of things may be familiar with the quip that any talented and aspiring writer who hatched and pitched a script for a mega-budget disaster movie based exclusively upon a factual account the UK’s progress during the course of the coronavirus crisis, would immediately find it being placed on top of the “reject” pile beside the desk of any self-respecting Hollywood producer for being so extravagantly far-fetched as to be completely unbelievable, still less commercial.

One minute – after months of increasingly hysterical public belly-aching from the air passenger and catering industries that if they didn’t ‘get back to business’ they’d go under – the Government allows them to get going (under certain conditions, of course).

The next there’s a virus ‘spike’ in Spain, a 14-day returning quarantine period is imposed, and … nobody is happy.

Everyone who nipped off to Spain – and, of course, those who have booked to do so – are livid because the quarantine is going to ruin their lives.

Meanwhile, you’d think that those who didn’t fly to Spain but have decided instead to switch a ‘staycation’ might be greeted with grateful open arms by the UK holiday industry.

Hardly. Those in Devon and Cornwall are pleading for Brits to stay away because they’ll overcrowd their areas and cause immense pressure on the local NHS facilities.

Similar applies to coastal resorts like Bournemouth and Brighton, now appalled during periods of swelteringly good hot weather by scenes of hordes of non-social-distancing day-trippers cluttering up their beaches and leaving crap – literally and metaphorically – everywhere to be cleaned up by their hard-pressed local authorities.

Next, the medics are now saying we may have reached a tipping point.

Come September apparently it’s going to be the case that getting kids back to school [“a good indeed vital thing” for their life chances, especially for kids from deprived areas, as those in the academic/education world trumpet loudly given the slightest opportunity].

However, this will perhaps require a ‘trade off’, viz. potentially an industry recently released [current favourite: pubs and restaurants] having to return to lockdown.

Hey ho.




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