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Well it didn’t take long

A few days ago I blogged about developments in the Skripal attempted murder case that took place in Salisbury – back then it was about the first of the two Russian secret service officers being identified.

Since then, of course, (or so it seems to my personal satisfaction) the second bungling prospective assassin has similarly been uncovered as a doctor – and another highly-decorated member of the Russian secret forces at that.

So far – in contrast to its response when the British expose of the plot first came to light, when its official lines of communication and diplomats sought to sneer and pour scorn upon the ridiculous accusations that Russia was involved at all – the Kremlin’s reaction to these latest revelations has been muted.

Some might argue justifiably, since the evidence seems pretty unequivocal and damning.

Nevertheless (as I remarked in passing in my original blog) it is almost inevitable that people will and do exist who, for whatever reason, see subterfuge and under-handedness in all British governmental pronouncements whilst simultaneously taking every statement emanating from a state like Russia as fact if not gospel.

I went so far in my previous blog as to suggest that – as night follows day – such individuals, being convinced that the British establishment is terminally secretive and deceitful, would soon come up with further ‘conspiracy theories’ (however convoluted and weird, even if flying in the face of all the apparent evidence) that will somehow manage to pin responsibility for everything squarely upon the British authorities, i.e. rather than their ‘beloved’ Mr Putin and his cronies.

Well, guess what … sometimes I get things right!

Here’s a piece from Mary Dejevsky that appears today upon the website of – THE INDEPENDENT